Crash Test Dummy

Heart skipped a beat. I was a bullet. I waited for the fatale blow-up. The only word on top of my tongue was "No" and its following on my mind was "what a stupid end, no way, what the fuck". There had been no memory frames, nothing to remember. NOTHING.

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5 thoughts on “Crash Test Dummy

  1. niente.
    un bacio

  2. Anotherday says:

    Un saluto……volante ed affettuoso

  3. T02M3NT3D says:

    no memory frames. Nothing to remember. NOTHING. Proprio così.

  4. Canto says:

    Ehy, sono Beth.
    Ho letto il commento che hai lasciato al nostro amico Tormentato.

    Racconta. (PVT of course).
    Ci tengo molto, credimi.

  5. ogni volta che leggo non posso far altro che prendere atto di ogni singola parola.

    buona serataaaaaa

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